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Legislative News

Legislative Session Statistics

Days of the Legislature:  82

Bills Introduced:             1630

Bills Signed:                    17

Bills Vetoed:                    20


Governor Hobbs Vetos Food Tax

Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed SB 1063 - a bill that would prohibit municipal governments from charging a sales tax on food - on Tuesday. In her veto letter, Hobbs said, "its clear this bill doesn't actually eliminate costs for our residents. It simply moves those costs around."

If you would like to know if your community charges a tax on food for personal consumption? Click here and see what percent is charged and how much of the municipality's revenue is derived from the food tax revenue.


Committees Conclude Work

This week was the final week for committees to hear bills in opposite chamber of origin. The exception to the rule is the Appropriations Committees that will meet next week. If a bill does not receive a hearing, it is dead for the remainder of the legislative session.

The Senate Appropriations Committee agenda can be found here.

The House Appropriations Committee agenda can be found here.

Source: Dorn Policy Group

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